Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a week!

This week has been so great! Troy had been on vacation, so we've done lots and lots of school...but all of it in field trip format! And EVERYTHING is more fun when Papa's along!
On Monday, we were in Branson and we went to Table Rock Lake. We watched a video about how the dam was built and walked around the visitor center. Then we went down to the (very rocky) beach and walked along, exploring in the rocks.
On Tuesday, we went to a nature center here in town and hiked around there for quite awhile. (OK, quite awhile for me...I'm not usually a hiking kind of girl!) We saw a turtle and lots of deer tracks. It was so funny to watch Reilly and Declan play explorer!
Yesterday, we drove a few hours to a Cowboy museum...notice how vague I'm being? You know, that whole stalker thing! (Not that I really think that ANYONE is reading this anyway! Let alone some random stalker!) Anyway, it was great fun! Lots of art to see, and a whole kids area where they got to dress up like cowboys - chaps, vests, boots, the whole shebang! Then they could pretend to pump water, or sit by a little log cabin and cook over a cowboy stove, complete with tin plates and cups, or play at the chuckwagon and cook a pot of beans over a different cowboy stove. I think that they could have spent hours there!
Today, my aunt is in town and we went on a little garden tour, and tomorrow we're going to a fall party at Shelly's house. (One of the "members" of RFHG!)
Add to these things all that The Kids got to see being done at Silver Dollar City last weekend- someone making a clay pot, someone else making sorghum, etc. - and I feel like we've had a full week of school, even though there wasn't any book learnin'!
I've got lots and lots of pictures, but they're not on my computer right now and I don't feel like downloading them at this moment. Either I have a cold or some serious allergies going on, but my head feels like it's about to pop!

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Sherri said...

Wow! You've been really busy with some fun stuff!!! That's schooling at its best!