Thursday, October 11, 2007

This and That and The Other (a.k.a. I'm Running Out of Titles)

Pictures as promised!! Last week we got to go to the fair as part of "Our State's Largest Classroom" which was just about the best deal I've ever gotten. There was no entrance fee, PLUS we got to take our lunch in...something which we all know is NEVER allowed because they want you to spend $3947.00 on a corn dog and a pop. We went with my friend, Shelly and her boys Kyce (who is also in second grade) and Korbin (who is in kindergarten) and had a fantastic time!
Here are all the kids at the "Day on the Farm" experience. They got to milk a (fake) cow, gather eggs from (fake) chickens, plant some (fake) seeds, gather some (yes, you guessed it, fake) veggies, ride a little tractor like they were harvesting, and then go to the bank to collect their (fake) money.

Once they got their "money", they got to go to the store and pick out one treat. They could choose either a State Fair pencil or a snack of some sort. Yeah, they all picked snacks because, you know, pencils aren't as fun and you can't eat them.
We went into the Just for Kids building where we saw a HUGE sand sculpture and also got to see the guy working on it. (Amazing talent!) And we saw the entries for the pumpkin decorating contest. Lots of cute entries, but I loved the geisha the best!
Then on to the main building where they got to play in the worlds largest sandbox. (OK, maybe not the WORLD'S largest sandbox...but it was big!) I won't even start my story about how I had to go all Mama Bear and stand up for Deco when he got YELLED AT by the "volunteer" for tossing a small handful of sand at Korbin. Suffice to say I called the head of the fair volunteers and let her know that this particular lady was taking her job way too seriously! (And trust me when I say that I'm not one of those mom's who takes their kids side even when they are acting horribly. We are rule followers here, but he is 4.5 and got a wee bit excited and she went off on him. Made me so mad I could have spit, especially since I was right there, and on my way over to say something to him about it. I've never wanted to slug an old woman so much in my life! Oops, I said I wasn't going to go into that!)

We saw some Native American dancers, which was SO COOL! One thing that the main guy said that I thought was really neat was that he called his outfit either an outfit or a regalia, but never a costume. Because, as he put it, "When I dress up as Spongebob, I don't become Spongebob. That's just a costume. But when I get up in the morning, I am Native. When I go to bed, I am Native. I'm always Native, so this outfit is just an expression of who I am. It is not a costume because I am Native." Here, one of the guys is doing a hoop dance. Then, Deco really wanted to go up and tell them that he liked their outfits!

Here are my little farm kids! Reilly said the seat was too hot, which is why she's sitting like that!

And, on a completely unrelated to the Largest Classroom note, sometimes in school for math, we play Hangman on the whiteboard. And I always draw the hangman in detail. He used to carry an ax, but Reilly decided that was simply too violent. So now he carries flowers and a box of chocolates. Because, as Reilly says, he doesn't want to hang you, but he will if he as to.

And here he is, being sad because he didn't get to hang anyone. (I guess he's not so sweet after all!)

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lisa is the best and i love her

Lisa said...

Just in case you're wondering...the previous comment was actually made by me as I was showing my mom how to leave comments. While she DOES think I'm great and she DOES love me, she knows perfectly well how to use good punctuation.