Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pictures, Just Like I Said I'd Post!!

HI! I promised that I'd post pictures of our adventures on Troy's vacation....and I'm always one to keep my word to my, oh, 2.5 readers! (I'm a lonely blogger...I would love some comments...otherwise, I begin to feel like I'm talking to myself. Oh, HI Shery! She always leaves comments. Hint hint to everyone else...)
Anyway, the pics below are as follows:
Troy, peeking through the Indian's arm, trying to see what the Indian is looking like. (We have a tradition of taking pictures of Troy with each and every cigar store Indian that we come across.) Then, there's Reilly, holding the limp magic wand as a helper in the magic show at Silver Dollar City. We've seen the show about eight times, but The Kids always want to sit and watch again! Then we have Reilly and Declan with their new horns followed by The Family in the tippy room in Grandfather's Mansion at SDC.

We took a trip to a nature center and walked around and spotted deer tracks and things like that. You can see Troy showing Reilly how a real Indian would track and shoot a deer. (I love pictures of him like that! He's so rarely silly for the world to see! Although, there's probably a reason for that...)

We liked this arch type thing that was made by the trees...not sure if it really comes across in the picture...but we decided that it was the bridge (arch?) into Terabithia. Then there's Deco, the lone explorer!

Here are The Kids, riding their buckin' broncos at the Cowboy Heritage Museum.

They could have spent HOURS around the cowboy campfire and chuckwagon!

There was a little "town" set up that you could walk through. Or to put yourself in jail. Your choice. We chose both walking AND jail.
But only after I bellied up to the bar. I can't believe I willingly let someone take a picture of my backside! EEEEEK!

We completed our vacation with a trip to the Incredible Pizza Company. Reilly and Declan worked together to get tickets on the "Smack the Gator" game. Then we donned some lovely shoes to ride the go karts, since we all had sandles on...which meant that none of us were wearing socks. I try not to think about all the other people who had had their feet in where my bare feet were. *shudder*

And, what trip to a fast paced, frantic, loud game-themed restaurant would be complete without cashing in those hard earned game coupons on some crap...oops, I mean prizes? Vampire teeth and whoopee cusions, that's what my kiddos chose!
What a great vacation! It was hard to see Troy go back to work on Monday!

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Sherri said...

How did I miss this post?!? I replied to the one above, but somehow missed this one.
What an amazing trp!!! My kids would have loved the old campfire/covered wagon/old town parts of that place!!
Don't you just love trips like this one...just feel closer to your husband and kids afwards?