Friday, September 07, 2007

I've always said that it's not all sunshine and roses...

We've had some tough days this week, not because of the material that Reilly's learning, but because of the whole teacher/mom thing. Sometimes I'll ask her "Would you talk to your teacher in Sunday School like that? Would you react that way to a hard question in Sunday School?" because I don't understand why she'll do certain things here that she wouldn't do anywhere else. I guess it all boils down to the comfort level that a kid feels with their own parent that they don'T feel with a "stranger" teaching them.
But we persevere and move on, and I really try to not let the hard times of one day leak into and color the next day. I think that's one way God really has blessed me with, as far as personality goes...the ability to not hold on to things like that.

We started subtraction this week, which Reilly really likes. Of course, right now it's doing problems like 9-1 and 4-4, so the answers are pretty easy. Yesterday she had fun "being the teacher" because I told her that I wanted her to teach me how to subtract. Math-U-See basically teaches subtraction not so much as "taking away" one number from another, but "adding up", so when Reilly looks at 5-4, she's supposed to see "What number plus 4 equals 5?" (That's one of the reasons MUS requires mastery of the addition facts before moving on) She was really able to "teach" me that concept to me, and had a blast writing on the white board.

Then the man from Lowe's came to install our front door, so both of The Kids sat out in the livingroom and watched him do that for about an hour and a half! Aaaah, unschooling at its best!

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Sherri said...

I wish I had gotten that gift. I often have a hard time letting things go!!!