Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

My original intent for today was to have school in the morning and then go out to the church and make some DVD copies of a dance recital that I have to deliver on Friday. (The church lets me make the copies on their 10-disc copier, thus saving me hours and hours and hours of time. Because 122 copies takes a looooong time!)

Sounds like a good plan, right?

Yeah, I thought so to. But then I realized that I had not purchased the printable DVD-R's but had, instead, just gotten the shiney kind that I would have had to print and stick a lable on. Not a good thing when you're looking at boo-coo copies.

So, off we head to Sam's. I tell Reilly that we're going to read and practice math facts in the car.

Once home, I realize that The Kids both have Dr.'s check ups at 2:30, so my idea of going to the church after lunch is shot. We have to get there earlier. And I've got discs to print before we go.


So I grab Reilly's spelling lesson and a math worksheet and sit her at the coffee table in the office so I can help her while I'm working the printer. (Printing one disc at a time...very tedious, yet completely neccessary.) Declan, bless his pointy little head, just sat on the sofa and played with some cars. I told Reilly that anything that wasn't done before we left was going to have to be done at the church, which would mean she'd miss out on whatever movie was going to be playing on my laptop.

She got it all done. (Aaaaah, the powerful draw of movies!)

After at least two hours at the church we headed to the Dr.'s office, where, judging by the amount of screaming, you would have thought my kids were getting their shots in their eyeballs. (Afterwards, Reilly says, "You know, my shot didn't really even hurt that bad."
"Well, why on earth did you scream so loud then?" I ask.
"I don't know!" Maybe she doesn't like my ability to actually use my eardrums.)

But ice cream made everything better, even for me. And tomorrow will be a less crazy day. I think.

On another note, we start our homeschooling co-op on Friday, which we're all excited about.

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Sherri said...

That's what happened to me on Tuesday. I thought we would go for groceries then come home and do school...whatever!!! I don't know what I was thinking. We were past 3:00 coming home, and I still had to put it all away. "sigh" We try!!