Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Week in Review

This has been a fairly uneventful week, but I did take some pictures of random things that I thought I'd share.

Sometime earlier on in the week, Declan asked me if I would make a "superhero mask" for him out of paper. So, using my fantastic artistic skills, I drew a mask-shape on paper and had him cut it out (ah-HA! That counts as cutting practice, right?). After attaching pieces of yarn to the sides, I ceremoniously put it on him and he promptly ran to his room and got his Batman cape to complete the outfit. Then he sat at our little desk and played with Reilly's LeapPad. Even Superheroes need to educate themselves!

Reilly really loves the language arts program that we're using, Learning Language Arts Through Literature. There is lots of cutting out and glueing things down and lots of instructions to illustrate various things. That is her FAVORITE part! Almost every day she says, "I hope I get to illustrate something!" The pictures above are some of her illustrations, and I hope that you can see them well. The one on the left stemmed from the instruction to illustrate a way that God had helped David protect his sheep, so she drew David slinging a stone at a bear, who then falls down. In the one on the right, she had to glue the sentence strips in order and then choose one to illustrate. Her picture goes with the sentence, "Max the Mouse lived in the country", which she chose because, "I can draw a barn really well!" So there's a barn, a hay bale, and a little brown "mouse" right in the middle of the bale.

The left-hand picture is just Reilly, cutting out her "story folder" from the LLATL book. On the right, Declan had asked if he could use the magnetic letters to try to make words, so I got out a cookie sheet and the letters and let him have at it.

We had a bit of a rough day on Friday. I think that Reilly was tired because of being at karate a little later than usual on Thursday evening - I'm going to be part of a demo that we're doing at another church and we had to stay late and talk about what we were doing - and that tiredness made her emotional. There was a lot of crying over things that, to this moment, I don't understand. She wasn't understanding my instructions, I wasn't understanding what she didn't was all very confusing. But we got throught it fairly unscathed and hopefully next week will be better.

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Sherri said...

It looks like school is going well. We will be starting on Tuesday. We went shopping today for some last minute stuff that I fun!!! The greatest thing was a huge new dry erase board...yippee!!!
I have been spending the last few days planning out science for the year. I am going to LOVE BJU Press for Science. It is so full of hands on ideas to make it funner. You know how much I love that for science!!!
Hopefully, I will be posting school stuff soon!