Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spacing Out Part Deux

We started our "unit study" on the planets today, which Reilly was really excited about. School opened with us reading two books about planets, one of which was a Dr. Seuss book. While that might sound weird, it was actually a very fun book and quite informative! It is from the "learning library" section of the Cat in the Hat series, so it's not like there were a bunch of made up words thrown in there. The other book, which I think was oh-so-imaginatively named The Solar System, was very informative, but we only read half of it so as not to go into too much information overload. (OK, well, that and I had to save SOMETHING for us to do on subsequent days!)
I found these great planet stickers at Mardel, so she made the solar system picture that you see in the pics at the top. Wait, I admit it, I put the orbit lines on there for her to put the stickers onto. But she figured out which planet went where! So we didn't cheat too much! She didn't want to label the planets at first but MomTeacher prevailed and she (Reilly) was very pleased with how it looked in the end. (I'm amazed at her handwriting!) She also learned a little mnemonic to help her remember the planets in order....and I'd write it here if I could remember it! But I can't! It's a good thing I'm not the one in school!!
But hey, did you know that a million earths could fit in the sun? Awesome!


mamaduk said...

That's a cute picture :-)

Sherri said...

That looks so good!!! What GREAT stickers!! I ordered a great space exploration sticker book...the kids had fun with that last week!