Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Journey Through Space Continues!

We're still delving into the study of the planets and Reilly LOVES it! She's making a "planets book" where, each day, she chooses a planet that she wants to write about. We look through the books that we have and gather information about that planet and she picks what she wants to put on her page and then she draws a picture of the planet. When she finishes the book, it's going to be a really great keepsake of this unit!

Here she is, working on one of her pages the other day. The stuffed animal that's on the table is "Jady", the JustMommies homeschooling board mascot. Jady gets mailed around to the different families on the board and the family takes pictures of her in different places with them. In this picture, I said that Jady was "helping" Reilly make her page!

The whole post is here if you want to see the other pics...oh, and we took Jady to Philbrook, too! You can read about that here! (Well, we didn't go there just for the stuffed animal, we just happened to take her with us!!)

The other day we were watching a video about space that I had gotten from the library and it kept talking about "earth years" and "earth days" and how certain planets take x-amount of earth years to orbit the sun. Reilly was having a little bit of trouble understanding the difference between orbit and rotation, so I paused the movie, got some playdoh and a skewer, and set up a little object was a hoot!

First I showed her how rotation worked, and then we let Declan play the Sun ("Be the sun, Son!") and had Reilly orbit around him while spinning the ball of dough. The coolest thing was seeing her face light up when I asked her if she understood! She got it!!

After we resumed the movie, Deco asked to play with some playdoh. I wasn't really paying much attention to him, but then I noticed that he was running around the coffee table with his own planet on a skewer, complete with little blue dot, just like the one I made!

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Sherri said...

You're fitting a lot into this unit.
We are supposed to be reviewing energy this week, but are having a hard time fitting Science in. I'm going to try to make up some time tomorrow. We did a fun experiment with a balloon and rice to show how sound waves travel across the air and vibrate the balloon. They enjoyed seeing who could find something the loudest to make the rice movie more.
I love looking at your pictures. I need to post some school stuff on my has been a while.