Saturday, May 05, 2007

Didja Think I Had Disappeared

No, I haven't!

This past week has been kind of a crazy whirlwind because my brother was in town to visit from St. Louis. He wanted to come and see the family during his birthday week (he's 34 now!) because he hasn't been in town on his birthday since he moved out of state, which was a year after he graduated from high school. We had such a good time, as always! One day we took a "field trip" to Bartlesville to tour the Price Tower, which is one of two sky scrapers designed and

built by Frank Lloyd Wright. I was pleasantly surprised by the tour because it was very interesting! The funny thing is that, while the building is unique, it really is NOT my "style" at all because it is very small and cramped inside. There are so many angles and points that it leaves very little open space. Also, the building gets smaller at the top, so the only thing on the very top floor was Mr. Price's office and his secretary's office. The funniest trivia tidbit is that Mr. Price wanted a big globe in his office and Mr. Lloyd Wright had a problem with that because a globe is round and pretty much nothing else in the building is! (He designed all the furniture as well!) Neat tour!

We went to Osaka for dinner to celebrate Erin's birthday, which he hasn't done since his 13th birthday. (I go there every year on my birthday...I like how they cook at your table!) Mmm, mmm, mmm, was the food GOOD! I thought I was going to POP!

We kept trying to go to Philbrook so that Erin could get some pictures of the gardens in bloom, but it rained so much you'd have thought we were in Seattle! On Friday, when it FINALLY wasn't raining, Uncle E, The Kids and I headed over there...only to find that it was closed for a special event! SO we headed to Woodward Park and the Linnaeus Teaching Garden for some exploring...and swinging.

What a fun time!

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Sherri said...

I love looking at the pictures! I knew you were busy enjoying your company!!! What fun!