Monday, April 30, 2007

New Ideas

I love it when I come up with new ways to
present or review "old" ideas in school!

We're reaching the end of the addition facts and I've been looking for ways to review them with Reilly, making sure that she really does have them down before we move on. We've played lots of "math hangman" on the whiteboard and done lots of worksheets, but we were both getting a little bit tired of those methods. So, on Friday, I got out two big bowls and put a set of blocks (2-9) in each of them. Reilly had to close her eyes, reach one hand into each bowl, and pull out a block with each hand. Then she set them on the table and wrote out the "problem" that she had pulled out and answered it. It's funny to me how changing something this simple can make the exercise seem so much more fun, because she really had a good time practicing this way!

Declan was sick Wednesday and Thursday of last week which made school seem a little frazzled. He was throwing up on Wednesday and had diarrhea on Thursday, so he spent most of those two days on the sofa watching movies. It was funny, on Thursday afternoon he said that he was actually kind of bored with watching movies. (I know, imagine that!) But then, later on that night, he told Troy that he didn't want to get better because he liked getting to watch T.V. all day long! Luckily nobody else caught the bug!

This week is SUPER EXCITING because my brother, the famous Uncle E, is coming to visit from St. Louis!!! Yippeeee! I know that we're going to go to Philbrook on one day and on another, we're driving to Bartlesville to see the Price Tower which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He'll actually get to be here on his birthday, which hasn't happened in years, so we're going to go out to eat at Osaka, which is one of those places where they cook at your table. Anyway, it's going to be a FUN week!! Yay!

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Sherri said...

How exciting...have fun!