Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Five and a Half More Weeks

Of what, you might ask...
well, 5.5 weeks of school, of course!!
Can you tell I'm counting?
OK, well, I'm not watching the clock or anything, but I did look at my calendar for the year and realized that we can be finished with school the Thursday after Memorial Day! Yippee!

Now, my intention is to continue with math through the summer, just so we can finish Math-U-See Alpha and start second grade in Beta. We're almost completely done with addition facts and will be moving onto subtraction facts here in a week or so and I think we can finish up without really feeling like we're having school in the summer. Although, Troy brings up a good point when he says that what else are we going to do when it's 110 degrees outside and nobody wants to set foot out the door? You might as well throw some school in there!

We had kind of a tough day today. I gave Reilly a math "test", simply so that I could see what, if anything, we needed to go back and review. For some reason, tests really freak her out sometimes. I don't know if I'm putting too much pressure on her (I really try hard not to) or if it's her perfectionist streak coming out, but, long story short, it didn't go over very well. She just tends to "freeze up" and can't remember things that I know she knows. I struggle with this because it seems necessary to give tests and yet I hate to put her through it when I know she gets so emotional about them. She hates to get things wrong, but I can't not mark the wrong problems wrong....ugh!

It's getting late and my brain stopped working. Tomorrow will be better!

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