Friday, April 20, 2007

Ummmm Yeah Hi

Oops. I've not been blogging. Sorry.
I HAVE been schooling, lest you think that I'm letting every aspect of our life slip down the tubes. There may be a layer of dust 3 inches thick on every flat surface in the house and the laundry may be piled up so high that it's becoming a fire hazard, but school is getting done.

OK, well, for the MOST part school is getting done.

I promise that when Reilly is in middle school I won't let her watch "The Magic Schoolbus" and read out loud to me and then "call it school". I promise.

But this week my aunt and my cousin were in town just for two days and it's been sooooo long since they've been here that we had to go shopping with them. We're all trying to find things to wear to The Wedding of the Century in Houston (read: my cousin Preston's wedding) in a few weeks and I just couldn't pass up having 3 women to shop with and give fashion advice! I mean, Lesley is studying fasion at Kent State...who could pass up going shopping with someone who is in the know when it comes to fashion? Of course, she's 21 years old, so we have slightly different tastes when it comes to what is "cute", but I think that just comes with the territory of me Getting Older. *sigh* But I'll save that rant for a post at my other blog, since this is supposed to be my homeschooling blog!

But we're back on track for school, really. Today we're going to a sheep farm with our co-op...the second field trip we've ever taken with them, so it should be interesting. The zoo was a little hectic, but I think that's because it wasn't really "planned". We just met there and then wandered in a big group. This is actually a tour of the farm, led by the people who run the farm, so I think it'll be more organized. We're going to leave this co-op next year anyway and join another one that I'm SUPER excited about...but I'll write about that co-op later. Right now The Kids are clamoring for breakfast! (What's with this needing to eat all the time? Sheesh!)

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Sherri said...

Same here...everything else has got to be put aside so we can get finished with our school! I have about 5 more weeks worth of stuff planned before we can take summer break. We turned down going to field day this week because we had already done the field trip on Thursday. After the 2 weeks we had off, I just couldn't have a 3 day week. I need a good 5 day week with very little interruptions.....need it in a bad way!