Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sick Day....Maybe?

Well, I was allll ready to start school this morning, and hollered out, "Reiiilllllyyyy!" and went into her room to find her curled up on her bed, under her fuzzy blanket, listening to Paddington on CD. She says that she doesn't feel good and she's certainly acting like she doesn't feel good. I've used my ther-Mom-eter (aka Lips on the Forehead) and it doesn't seem like she has a fever, but it's so unusual for her to just lie there that I'm inclined to believe her. So, we've postponed school for the morning. Which is too bad because we were going to talk about weather and make a thermometer, and I know she would have had fun. If she's feeling better later we'll do some math and reading and stuff like that, but we'll probably put off science until tomorrow.
I'm still loving Math-U-See! Yesterday Reilly was working on +2's and it really began to click in a way that it never did when we were just drilling with flash cards. This morning at breakfast I was tossing out some "facts" at her and she was able to toss back the answer right away, something that she's not been able to do up to this point. It's exciting to watch!
I panicked the other night because I was counting up our school days to see if we'd gotten far off track as far as attendance and I miscounted and thought we were going to have to go to school until the end of June! AAAK! But I recounted several times and figured out I was miscounting, so it was all OK. I did realize, however, that somehow I had it in my head that we had to have 150 days and we "have to have" 180, so I'm glad I got that straightened out. (Although, really, I don't know why I'm worried since I don't have to show an attendance record to anyone!)

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Sherri said...

I hope baby girl is feeling better. Mommy knows best!!!