Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mad Libs & Dr. Visits!

I've decided that the most sure-fire way to cure my kids of any ailment is to make an appointment for them at the doctor. Having been raised by a nurse, I am of the ilk that believe that visits to the doctor are to be reserved for those times when you are bleeding out of your ears or your arm is crooked and your bones are sticking out through your skin. Or, in our case, if you have green goop collecting in the corners of your eyes every 10 minutes, requiring attention with a warm washcloth. That was happening to Declan yesterday when I decided to make an appointment for him for today to make sure that he didn't have pinkeye. Today, of course, he was much better, and I think it was simply due to the fact that we actually went to the doctor and paid the money! Oh well, thank God for health care reimbursement accounts! The doc did say that he thought Deco had a bacterial thing going on in his eye and gave us a script for some eyedrops which I will go and pick up tomorrow, seeing as how I forgot to go back and pick them up today...darn it, there goes my Mother of the Year award! Hopefully his eye won't fall out overnight or be overtaken with "cwumbs", which is what he kept saying that he had - "Mama, I picked out all de cwumbs!" (I just love the way he talks!)
But, even though we had to take a trip to the doctors office, we still fit in school, for which I was glad. We did math before we left, and then did a couple of Mad Libs while we were waiting in the exam room. Mad Libs are a great way to work on the difference between the parts of speech, and Reilly really loves the silliness of the stories. When we got home she did a page from the Cut & Paste Language Arts book that I got a couple of weeks ago. She was cutting out the adjectives and putting them into the sentences to complete the story. She had asked me if she could just put whichever ones she wanted in, or if they had to be in a particular place, and I told her that they had a particular place to go because it led into our next exercise in how sentences have to make sense.
We finished up by her reading another chapter in Nate the Great and the Big Sniff which is a book that we've been reading over the last week or so. It's a cute book and the first "chapter book" that she's read out loud. I use the term "chapter book" loosely because there are only 7 of them and some of them are only 3 pages long, but oh well! The only thing I don't like about the book is that is uses lots of short sentences that kind of throw Reilly off. For example, one part said, "Claude spends much of his time in the lost and found. The lost part." So they're trying to make it funny, but it just confuses her. She's enjoying it, I think.
It was a pretty good day!

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Sherri said...

Yep, my kids always seem to get better the day after I take them to the dr...with or without the medicine. That's just the way it is.
Good for you that you got work done anyway. I hope we can get some stuff done before heading to skating today!