Monday, February 05, 2007

I Blog Because I Care!

I'm very tired right now...I'm not sure why, actually, other than the fact that it's eveningtime and the day is winding down. I'm going to do this entry as a bullet list...because this is how my thoughts are coming.
  • I'm taking a new medication to prevent migraines. It's been less than a week so I don't know if it's actually working, but it makes pop taste flat, which is kinda strange!
  • I'm glad that I don't have to submit an actual attendance record to the school board or anything because last Thursday and Friday were unschooling days at their finest. We were uber-busy on Thursday with women's Bible study, a doctor's appointment (for me), and then karate. (We did squeeze in some school between Bible study and the appointment, but not a huge amount! And then they watched a Magic Schoolbus video on weather.) Friday I babysat at the church for a leadership marriage conference, so no school happened at all...other than same said Magic Schoolbus video! Oh well, this week will be better.
  • Today everything seemed to take a loooong looong time in school and I thought I was going to rip my hair out by the handful.
  • In fact, as I think about it, I've struggled with patience a lot today. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  • Oh well, tomorrow is another day. (Thank you, God, for a new, fresh day. Please help me to do better!)
  • There's a crazy lady whose job it is to re-stock the salad bar at Mazzios down the street from us. Well, it's more like re-stalk the salad bar because she can be nowhere in sight and you go up to refill your plate and here she comes to poke in the little containers and make sure all the spoons are upright and everything is wiped down and to generally GET IN YOUR WAY as you're reaching for the green olives. It drives me NUTS, to the point that I've thought about mentioning something to the manager. The other night not only was she completely in my way but I was treated to the odor of her recent smoke break. GAG! I've not called the manager yet, but I fully intend to because it's ridiculous...and gross, to boot.
  • I've got a new favorite joke. It goes like this: Two muffins are sitting in an oven. One turns to another and says, "Man, it's getting hot in here!" The second muffin says, "AAAAAAA! A TALKING MUFFIN!" (OK, I didn't say it would be YOUR new favorite joke!)

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