Friday, February 09, 2007

Just Another Friday...

Well, I'd LOVE to report that we did something huge and wonderful and exciting today, but we didn't. *sigh* I think that my creative tank has completely run dry, which is odd, seeing as how I've not done anything creative in a long time. It really should be full! Maybe it's broken...or leaky. That's it, all my creativiy has leaked out when I wasn't looking. That's why my pillow has been sticky in the morning! And here I thought I was just a really bad drooler!
I got a white board for the schoolroom and did a little bit of moving about of furniture and things. I switched the map (that we never use) and one of the bulletin boards to different walls, and put Declan's table against a different wall, all to make room for the white board, and then realized that the white board has a big 'ol dent in the corner of it, so I'm going to have to go and exchange it for another one. It's not that I'm vain and want one that's unblemished (no, really, it's not...I promise!), it's that the frame has pulled apart at the corner and I don't want to have to replace it in a year because it falls apart. So, another trip to Sam's tomorrow, and then we'll be in business. We used it today, though. I wrote "Supey" at the top and then Reilly and I sat and made a list of adjectives to describe Supey. We did the same for "Reilly" and made a list which included all the usuals: cute, smiley, funny, brown, etc. It got confusing, though, when she said "I'm Indian!" and I said, "Yes! You're right!" and then went, "No, wait, Indian is a noun!" and began to wonder if something can be a noun and an adjective at the same time. It's not a good thing when the teacher is confused! But we had fun with the white board.
On Monday we're going to a Valentine's Day party with our homeschooling friends from church. We're all really excited about that and it will be a good break from the daily "grind".

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Sherri said...

You might not have been creative lately, but you are surely been busy!!! It will get harder and harder for me to get creative from now until the end of the school year. I just start getting tired around this time. I have saved some of our funner Science stuff for this time to help out, but still...
We will be studying volcanoes and earthquakes next week. We were supposed to this week, but there was just too much other stuff going on with us. I have a volcanoe mold that my sister gave me. All we have to do is get a little baking soda and vinegar...put a little food coloring in the mix and...presto...we will have a volcanoe. That will be a fun day.
I would be like you with taking the board back...not because I am vain either, but because I am obsessive compulsive. I just would not be able to get past that little bad place on a new board!!! Crazy, but honest!!!