Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I hope that this scanned right and that you can see it. This is what Reilly did yesterday in F.O.F. She came out and said. "I wrote you and Papa a Christmas letter!" which was, in fact, a thank you note for her Christmas presents. I was so proud of her! Not only for her good penmanship and the structure of her letter (which is something that we've talked about lately), but simply proud of the fact that she knew that it would be a nice thing to do. She's growing up so fast that I can hardly stand it! I love how well she signed her name in cursive and think it's cute that she left the front "wall" off of her "y".
Today in school we went back and reviewed building numbers with the MUS blocks. I was glad that we did it because she had a little bit of trouble understanding how to build a teens number. (One 10 block and then however many units blocks you need) So we did a bunch of those and then I had her "teach" me how to build numbers. She loved this, of course, and really got into the whole role play.
On a personal note, it's snowing again. I've got to say, my midwestern bones are tired of all the snow. Three times in a month is a leeeetle much for me! (And I always said I wanted to move up north! Bah!)

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Jenn said...

Wow! She did a FANTASTIC job! Her handwriting is so neat and the letter is great ( and I love that she dots her name with a heart..too sweet!). Thanks for sharing (uh oh, I think you're case of exclamation points is contagious!)