Sunday, January 14, 2007

What I Have NOT Done Today

Today I have not done anything productive, whatsoever.
Did I mention zero?
Due to the icy weather that we were hit with beginning on Friday, I've hardly left the house since Friday afternoon. OK, well, yesterday we went sledding. Or maybe we should call it "ice sliding" since there was a distinct absense of both snow (nope, only ice) and sleds. One of our sled discs got busted in the last snow we had and the other, we believe, is buried under the current ice that is in the backyard. So The Kids were "sledding" in laundry baskets, which actually worked fantastically well, especially since it was on ice and not on snow. Too bad I didn't have my camera. Especially to take a picture of ME going down the hill in a laundry basket. I'm sure that was quite a site.
And then, yesterday evening, The Kids went to my mom's house for a sleepover since she didn't have anyplace to go, so we left the house to take them over there. Then we've had to make two trips to the store for necessities (once for butter and once for coffee...and Tums). Oh, and Ched and I went to the neighbors house to play games last night. So I guess I actually have left the house quite a few times in the last couple of days. But nothing of value has been accomplished lately.
But, oh boy, was it NICE to sleep until 7:45 this morning!! I don't think we've slept that late since before we had kids!!! And then, when we did get up, we stayed in our pajamas until time to go and get The Kids from my mom's house. HEAVEN!!
So now I'm going to try to get my lesson plan done for this week. Then I can feel like I've done one productive thing this weekend!
Maybe if I get my act together I can actually plan some fun things to do so I can post pictures of them instead of just writing!

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Sherri said...

We are on the same page with the lesson plan. I have some of mine done, but need to finish. Like you, I really want to work some fun things in this week. I think we will play math games one day instead of Math. I need to see what is up for Science so I can maybe plan something fun for that.
Anyway, I am just doing my Sunday evening resting...about to have to start getting us all ready for AWANA.
It has been really warm here, but is supposed to get cold again tomorrow..well, cold for us.
Good luck with your plans...we can hold each other accountable for finding that one fun thing for the week!!!