Friday, January 12, 2007

Blog Envy

I'm having some serious blog envy today. I have lots of blogs that I love to read, some quite obsessively. (I thought I was going to pass out when Y over at Joy Unexpected didn't blog for something like 2 weeks because her children were sick!) These blogs make me laugh and think and usually laugh again, and it's amazing how I can feel like these people are my friends even though I've never actually heard their voice or met them in person. Sometimes I think I have more cyber friends than I have real, flesh and blood friends! (Except that my cyber friends are, in fact, flesh and blood...hopefully. Ummm, I've never thought to check. I don't think any of them are cyborgs or anything weird like that.)
Anyway, I'm having blog envy because I want my blog to be funny and hip and cool but I'm so NOT hip and cool. (To toot my own horn here, I think I am a little funny. At least I think the things I say are funny! I'm a great audience of one!) But hip and cool? Ummm, no not me. Oh well.
Hey, I blew up a 13x9 Pyrex casserole dish the other day. I accidentaly turned on the burner underneath it and when I realized what I'd done, I got it off the stove and set it on the sink. I think that some of the water from the running tap hit the pan because it immediately exploded into thousands of pieces! We were wiping glass dust out of the sink! Freaky! I'm just glad that it didn't hurt anyone!


Jenn said...

Explosive pyrex is funny..maybe not in a traditonal ha ha funny kind of way, more in a Lucy and Ethel make a casserole funny kind of way.

I've exploded glass things before too, usually because I put them straight from the oven into the fridge or something as equally brilliant!


Sherri said...

You are awsome just the way you are...I wouldn't change a thing!!!
Yes, I am a real can call me a IRL friend. I'll even give you a call if that will make it more legit!!!!!!!!

mamaduk said...

I'm pretty sure I'm real flesh and blood lol

I love reading your blog ;-P

JakesMom said...

What?! Not hip & cool?!? Any Mom who slides down an icy hill in a laundry basket is hip & cool in my book! :)