Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Man, I've got to say that the past two days have been HARD as far as school goes! I was so frustrated this morning that I could feel it vibrating through my body I wanted to pull my hair out. I just felt like I was talking in circles and that nothing I was teaching was being retained at all. Add to that the fact that it was taking Bear about 3 times longer to complete everything she did and mix in the fact that it seemed that I couldn't leave her side for a moment and it made for a pretty nasty cocktail. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Bear decided that she wanted to learn about ballet, so we made a trip to the library to get some books on ballet. She's super excited to get started reading those. Actually, I am as well, because ballet fascinates me. I think that's because it's something that I could never do! I love looking at pictures of the dancers, although I find an actual ballet to be pretty boring after about the first 45 minutes! Short attention span, I guess, but I've always thought that I'd love it if I could buy a half ticket to a ballet so I don't have to sit through the whole thing!

*Editor's note: I started this yesterday and I'm just now getting around to finishing it. I had the "lightbulb" realization that, truthfully, the bad situation was all my fault. I sit in the morning and say my prayers and ask God to guide my day and then abandon His support as soon as my feet hit the floor. Then I try to go into school and teach and things fall apart because I'm trying to rely on my own strength and not His.
One other thing I realized is that a lot of my frustration stems from having expectations that are really too high. Bear is a smart girl but that doesn't mean that I should expect her to remember exacctly which words are capitalized in a book title when we've only talked about it once! *

Today was much better! We started by getting out the magnetic poetry words and just making sentences on a cookie sheet. Bear loved this and had a great time making both silly and realistic sentences. Her first one was "I love my teacher"
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We switched from doing addition and subtraction to doing some measuring worksheets today, so that was a nice change.


Sherri said...

I'm glad you day went much better. You are always good at finding a fun way for her to learn when she doesn't want to do book work. I know it's hard to stay creative and sometimes you just want to get it done. I admire you for hanging in there! Way to go!

Jenn said...


LOVE the magnetic poetry idea! You're so smart.


Anonymous said...


Well, I have to admit that I'm probably you're biggest lurker. I'm here almost daily and I love reading about my grandchildren and their daily activities. I think you are a terrific mom/teacher!
Thanks a bunch!