Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I just love how my daughter's mind works!
Yesterday in school we were talking about questions and how you write and punctuate them. The worksheet that she was doing had her looking at a little drawing of a cartoon panda and then writing a question that she would ask the bear. The first picture showed the bear blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. Her question? "Do you put your name on your birthday cakes?" The second was a picture was the bear in a chefs hat, holding a pan of cookies. She asked, "Do you make cookies with bamboo?" In the third picture the bear is reading a book and she asked, "Do you read books about bears?". The fourth picture was the bear making a snowman, to which she asked, "Are snowflakes black?" and she asked the last bear, who was pulling a rabbit out of a top hat like a magician, "Do you like magic tricks?"
The thing that makes me smile about these questions is the fact that she sees things in such a different way! I think that anyone else looking at the same pictures would have asked questions like "How old are you? What kind of cookies are those? What are you reading?" She didn't want to ask general questions...this was a panda bear! She wanted to know about him! What kind of cookies do pandas make? Do they make their birthday cakes like we do, complete with their name? Do pandas like to read books about other bears? Oh, and she'll freely admit that the third question was silly. She knows that snowflakes are white, she just thought it would be funny to ask a panda if they are black because pandas are black and white!
I love this side of her! It's so neat to see how her imagination works.

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Sherri said...

What a fun activity. It would be interesting to see how the questions would differ with each of my children. How uniquely different they all are!