Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Want a Nap

Last night, Bear hollered and woke me up, which usually isn't a big deal, exept this time it was to tell me that Supey was on her table, trying to get into her fish tank, and would I please take him out and click the door shut behind me? I had a little talk with her this morning about NOT waking me up to do things like that for her because it took me about an hour and a half to go back to sleep! Which means that I came out into the livingroom, surfed the web, went back to bed at 5:00, slapped my alarm at 6:50 when it went off, and snuggled back down under my down-filled comforter, dozing off just in time to hear Bear say, "Moooom? Can we get up now?" *sigh* \

The unfortunate thing that I realize when I get up at the same time as The Kids is that I really need about an hour to fully wake up and feel human! Usually I'm up at least that long before they are, so I've got time to drink my coffee and come to life. I tried really hard not to snap at The Kids too much because I didn't want to take my sleepiness out on them...although I did point out to them that there are people aaalllll over the world who sleep past 7:00! I'm not sure they got the hint, though.

So, since we're expecting 8 inches of snow to fall on Saturday, which might severly limit leaving the house anytime soon after, I decided to make a run to Target (aka My Favorite Store Despite the Fact That They Don't Let Bell Ringers Stand in Front at Christmas). Deco is in desperate need of new jeans, so I picked up some of those for him, as well as a couple of other things, one of which is a game called "Imaginiff" which looked really neat as I read the box but looks quite complicated once I opened the box and fully read the directions. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can take it back?

Oh, yeah. School. This is a homeschooling blog, after all, isn't it? Well, when we got home, Bear did a crossword puzzle of her spelling words, an addition sheet where one of the addends was missing and she had to figure out what the number was, and then we talked about the concept of alphabetical order. I had a worksheet that I'd printed online that had her putting set of 3 letters in ABC order, and then I got out a set of sight word cards and showed her how the concept applies to whole words. I'm going to have her read....something, I don't know before we have Rest Time (aka Mom Needs a Nap After Her Midnight Awakening), and we'll call it good. It's just so HARD to have school when I know that allllll the other teachers in town are off! It's no fair!

I titled this picture "Will The Real Animal Please Step Forward?"


Karin said...

Lisa - Let me just say that you are a star for homeschooling your kiddos. You have so many great ideas (I loved the silly sentences), and it seems like you have so much fun with them!
Way to go!

Sherri said...

I'm so sorry about your night. I can totally relate because I have such a problem with insomnia. I will go a long time with no problems, then suddenly go for nights without the proper amount of sleep. It makes me a different person...I can't function. I am in the existing mode when I haven't had enough sleep.
I hope you get a GOOD, LONG night's rest!