Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Little Big Guy

This morning I was in the kitchen getting breakfast and Deco came in behind me.

"I dressed myself!" he said.

I turned around and, sure enough, he had. Complete with boots and everything, and with his pants and underwear both on frontwards. (He has, in the past, put those items of clothing on backwards!)

It's funny, the feeling that this gives me. It's such a combination of proud of how much he's growing up and a feeling of panic of how fast it all seems to be happening. I know that I don't want my kids to be babies forever. Heck, there are some days I'd give my right arm for them to just be able to make lunch for themselves! But there are times like today where I want to just have time stop so that I can hold them and play with them and be silly with them forever. (OK, the silliness will never stop, no matter how old they get! It's in my genes!) But time marches on, kids get older, and I have to remind myself to just simply stop and enjoy now and quit worrying about how soon "later" will come.

On a side note, I was playing with my new camera settings and thought this was just a red border with the "ZoomIn" letters on the side...then, when I downloaded it, I realized there is all the other text on the other side. Oops! Oh, and I don't know if he put on socks or not!


Sherri said...

I think I see a hint of white under there....at least he has one on!!!

mamaduk said...

What a big boy!

Cameron chooses to wear his brief underwear backwards. He says it is more comfortable that way. He's much happier with the boxer briefs he got from Santa!