Tuesday, January 16, 2007


...well, wasn't really anything special. Although I do feel like I had a couple of good ideas for ways to do old things in a new way. I've reeeaaaallly been trying to have spelling words each week during this school year, and have done pretty well. I give them to her on Monday, we practice them through the week, and on Friday she has a quiz. For practice, I'll have her do anything from writing them in PlayDoh to putting them into a crossword or word search. (I make the crosswords online, lest you think I'm some sort of genius for hand-making crossword puzzles!) This week I decided to do "Silly Sentences". I typed up sentences using a spelling word in each one, but leaving a blank where the word was to go. Then I wrote the words on slips of paper and taped them into the wrong spaces, making sentences like "The queen wears a town on her head" and "Sometimes when you look up into the sky, you see a car". She had to read the sentence and find the correct word, and she really got a kick out of the way the sentences sounded with the wrong word.

Another thing I changed was how we were drilling for math facts. I printed out some flash cards that have the problem with the answer on one side and without the answer on the other. I'd flash the side with the answer at her, then the same problem but without the answer, so she was saying each problem twice...anyway, it all sounds very boring when I write it down, but I also let her SCREAM the answers at the top of her lungs, so it was fun. Screaming in school is always fun!

I have to point out that this picture wasn't edited on my computer, it was taken like that. There's a feature on our new digital camera that allows you to take up to 4 pictures and it composites them together. I took the one of Bear first, then the one of Deco....it's cool.
Oh, and here they are, out in the snow...no, wait. That's not snow, it's a SOLID SHEET OF ICE!!! You don't even make footprints when you walk! Heck, I backed the car out of the driveway and the car didn't leave TIREPRINTS! IT's INSANE!

And here's Supey, back in school. He decided it was time to further his education a little more.

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Sherri said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You don't know how many times you give me my first smile of the day! The picture of Supey back in school is precious, especially in light of your previous post of her in school. I need to take more of Ginger during school time. She is a trooper as well, but only when school is in the comfy playroom floor or living room!!!
I can't believe that sheet of ice..wow! You need some ice skates...or really slippery shoes. My kids would think they were in Heaven with that weather for a day!!!
I love the new feature on the camera. I used to have a camera that did a double exposure...I have some beautiful photos that I took with that feature. I wish I still had it...or the feature that you have!
Have a great day!