Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Glue and Maps

I got a book last week at Mardel called Map Skills which has become one of Reilly's favorite activities. Today, she cut out a map of the United States and then she had to pick her "favorite" state. She chose Ohio! (Yay for Aunt Linda!) Then she had a worksheet where to do about what was around her favorite state. We talked about what a map key is and she did a page about that subject.
One thing that is really nice is that her reading ability has grown by such leaps and bounds lately that she can read the directions by herself and is becoming more independent in her work. This allows me to go and do some things with Declan...or heck, to go and fold the laundry in my bedroom! I've actually stopped doing reading packets and have just been having her read things aloud, usually just a book that she picks out. Today, she chose Nate the Great and the Giant Sniff (or something like that, I don't currently have the book in front of me!) which is actually a short chapter book. She made it through the first chapter, so we'll continue that book tomorrow.

Math U See is going really well! We've kind of skipped over a couple of the lessons - I don't think I need to re-teach her how to count to 20! - but we started working on adding +2 facts today and it's fun ! She really enjoys using the MUS manipulative blocks which makes it much easier for the facts to sink in. One of the things about MUS is that you proceed at the pace of your child, so I'm fighting feeling like we need to move onto the next lesson tomorrow. We'll stay on this lesson until she "masters" it, and then we'll move on.

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