Saturday, September 09, 2006

I LOVE the internet!

Honestly, I don't know how people homeschooled before the invention of the internet! We have been using Madeline this week for our Five in a Row. Today, our activity was to compare the drawings of places in the book with photos of the real sites in Paris. So what did I do? I was able to google the names of every single site and find at least one, if not many, good pictures to compare! It was GREAT!!
This week we also talked about compassion and ways that we could show others compassion. It was an interesting discussion, really, making the distinction between compassion and helpfulness. Bear also wrote a poem because on Thursday we talked about how Madeline is written in rhyme.
She wrote:
"The man was up high in a tree.
He saw something that looked like a pig.
But then he realized that it was a bee.
And the man started to jig.
The man started to fall out of the tree.
But he landed on his feet.
He said, "Yippee!
That was sweet!"

I helped her a little bit by throwing out some rhyming words and things like that, but the bulk of the poem is all her!
On Wednesday, we got a special treat in that my mom was off work! We decided that it was a perfect day for a field trip to the planetaruim to see a "movie" about the stars. They're currently showing a kid-oriented animated movie and, while I found it a bit cheezy, The Kids loved it! My favorite part was when the man showed all of the constellations that could currently be seen in the sky; I never realized there were SO MANY constellations! Did you know that there's a GIRAFFE constellation? Neither did I!
So, here they are, first preparing for the Big Show, and then completely engrossed in the Big Show. I was glad that we were the only people in the theatre because otherwise, my flash would have been REALLY annoying!