Thursday, September 07, 2006

At the Water Park and Finishing "Ping"

Well, here we are, at the water park! (OK, you're right - obviously I'm not in the picture) Bear was SOOO excited that we finally got to go there - she's been wanting to for ages.! She loved the wave pool and the big slides. I was amazed that she liked the slides because they were REALLY fast and she had to go down in an innertube that was su huge that she could barely hold onto it. If it hadn't been for her old, party pooper parents who got tired of climbing up 5 million steps to GET to the slides, she would have been happy to go on those all day long! Deco really liked the kids pool with the toys, which is where this picture was taken. That place was nice for US because we could sit on the sidelines and watch The Kids play, which was a welcome break after jumping the waves in the wave pool. I think we're getting old!

To finish up our Five in a Row study of Ping on Friday, Bear took a "quiz" all about China at This website is great, and the quiz that she took was called the "China Find-It" quiz. One example of a question is "This word starts with the letter A. It is the name of the continent in which China can be found" and then Bear would go to the "a" section of their online picture dictionary and find the word. She loved it! (That's what she's doing in the far left picture. Gotta LOVE the laptop!) Then she learned how a Chinese person would right the numbers 1 through 10, another activity from EnchantedLearning. We wrote in crayon first (yes, I participated!) and then I got out black paint and vellum and we wrote with paint brushes.

We topped off the night with a "real homemade" Chinese dinner of chicken stir-fry, fried rice, won tons, egg rolls, and spring rolls. (Only the stir fry was actually homemade - the rest I "made appear"!)

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