Saturday, September 02, 2006

20 Books!!

We told Bear, at the beginning of the summer, that if she read 20 books out loud we would take her to a water park here in town. Well, yesterday, she completed her 20th book! (It only took 3 months! Tee hee!) She is SO excited that she can hardly STAND it! Unfortunately, there is a 40% chance of rain today and the high is only supposed to be 82, so I'M not looking forward to going swimming too much! BUT, I'm game to going because I'm very proud of her. She can be kind of hard to motivate because she mainly wants to do things in her own time frame, on her own terms, so saying, "If you do X you'll get Y" sometimes doesn't work.

So, off to the water park we go! Unless it's actively raining, in which case we'll go to Plan C (I refuse to say Plan B - that phrase is ruined!)....
now I just have to figure out an "acceptable" Plan C!

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Sherri said...

So, did you make it to the water park?
We usually go once a year to a water park nearby..the weekend before school starts. We didn't go this year, and the kids missed it. They wanted to know if we could go to one at Disney, but I don't want to spend our time at a water park. There are a lot of "wet" rides at the other parks, especially Islands of Adventure at Universal. Maybe that will make them feel like they have been to one :).
I hope the day was good for all of you, whatever you ended up doing.