Monday, July 31, 2006

Our new family member!

I'd like to introduce....*drumroll* SUPERCAT! We call him Supey for short. He's a 10 week old kitty that we adopted from the Animal Shelter last Saturday. The Kids, mainly Bear, are thrilled to have a kitty, and I don't think his feet have hardly touched the floor since we got him. He has slept on Bear's pillow for the last two nights, hardly moving a muscle, and is just about the cutest thing on four feet. Holly and JoJo hardly notice him anymore, although Supey still feels the need to go into "big cat" mode if he gets startled by one of the dogs. It's so funny to see this teeny-tiny kitty with his back all arched up, trying to look mean!

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Gattina said...

What a cude kitty ! And such huge eyes ! If your kid's want to see mine I have four and write about them it's on one of my cat blogs. The other one is telling funny stories about our white cat Arthur he is really something.
Wish you that your kitty will become as him, then you will have a lot of fun