Monday, August 07, 2006

Aaah, how the time flies!

We're going back to school two weeks from this the summer over already? I can't believe it. I didn't end up doing school in July, like I had planned. June just wasn't long enough, you know? I know that, "Thirty days hath September, April, JUNE, and November" but I'm of the opinion that June should have had at LEAST 57 days in it!
Actually, I'm getting pretty jazzed up about returning to school. And, believe it or not, so is Bear! In fact, both today and yesterday she REQUESTED to do "just a little bit of school". After I picked up my jaw from the floor and took her temperature to make sure she wasn't suffering from a fever, AND gave her some water to make sure she wasn't suffering from dehydration-induced dementia, I happily obliged and got out a couple of her workbooks from last year.

And here's what's amazing to me:
there was a page with a list of about 15 color words and
she. read. ALL. of. them.
*jaw drops again*
Now, I don't mean sounded-them-out reading,
I mean just looked at the word and READ them.....WOW!!
So, two weeks and two days from now, we commence with first grade! I got both Bear and Deco some personalized pencils from Lillian Vernon, which is going to be a back-to-school surprise. They went to a Kids Build It workshop at Home Depot with Ched this past weekend and made wooden pencil boxes, so I thought this would be a good treat to put in them.

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Sherri said...

That is so great! I hope it goes very well with her this year!!!