Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Resurrection Eggs

Last Monday we started our Resurrections Eggs, which are produced by Family Life. It's really neat because there are 12 plastic eggs, each containing an object that relates to Christ's last few days. The kids open an egg, then I read out of the little booklet that came with the eggs which explains the significance of that particular object. There are also Bible passages that can be read, but we've not been doing that, simply because of The Kids age. Some of the Scripture entries are pretty long and the booklet does a good job of explaining. We'll read the Scripture when they're older. The first day Bear opened an egg with a donkey in it, for Christ's entrance into Jerusalem, and the next day, Deco got three coins for the money paid to Judas to betray Christ. There's also been a cup (the last supper), praying hands (Gethsemane), a strip of leather (Christ's beating), a crown of thorns, three nails, a die (casting lots for Christ's clothes) and a spear. That's as far as we've gotten this year, and we've got to put off the last three until Friday so that we open the last on on Easter morning. That's one of the coolest ones - it's just empty! Ooo, gives me goosebumps just to think about it!! They have really looked forward to opening one each day. In fact, today they were disappointed when I said we were going to have to put it off for a few days!

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