Friday, April 14, 2006

Aaah, the end of another week!

I wish that I could say that we did something super-exciting today, but we really didn't.
Bear had had an idea to play "Store" for math, so I took her up on that. I made ten price tags, ranging from $1 to $10, and had she and Deco pick some things from their rooms to stick the price tags on. She would come into the "store", pick two items, and then figure out how much she would owe me, using her number line. She thought it was great fun, of course! I think her favorite part was getting to pretend that Deco was her son. She got to say things like, "Son, stay over here by me!" (It's so funny to hear yourself parroted in your kids!)
Altogether, we've had a good week! We read a book about Easter and learned that, in Australia, they sell more chocolate bilby's than they do chocolate bunnies. A bilby looks like a large-eared rat and is endangered, so they started producing chocolate bilbies to raise money for conservation. A good friend of mine brought her grandkids over yesterday and we dyed Easter eggs. We always have a good time when they come to play - Sophie is a year younger than Bear and they just play together SO WELL! No arguing or fighting, it's like heaven!
I'm excited about Easter on Sunday!

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