Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is it already the end of ANOTHER week?

We've had a mixed bag this week. We had a great Easter, and on Monday we planted the little "self contained" seeds that I put in Bear and Deco's Easter Baskets. It's a little paper pot that came with a dehydrated soil pellet and some sunflower seeds. You reconstitute the soil, plant the seeds, put it in a warm place and, presto! A sunflower sprouts! However, I was looking at the pots today, and there appears to be some sort of mold growing on the top of the soil, so I don't know if we're going to get any sunflowers or not! We're pluggin along well in reading, which I'm using The Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading to teach. We're up to Lesson 45 and have begun to cover consonant blends (lk, lb, lp, st, nt, etc.) as well as double consonants. Bear reads so well and sometimes we're able to do more than one OPG lesson in a day. I've started doing some math "drill" type activities with Bear to begin teaching addition facts. We've covered 0+ and 1+ with flash cards, which she knew right off the bat, and we've worked a little on 2+, but used the abacus for that so that she would have a visual aid. I don't know if this is coming too early, but I just really want her to have that base for math. I know that it will make it SO much easier for her in the future!
I'm searching, trying to figure out our curriculum and schedule for next year. I know that I want to add some type of science and spelling, and possibly beginning history. There'a just SO much out there to choose from that it makes it hard to pick! Plus, price always plays a role, and some of the "better" (most highly reccommended!) curriculums come with a hefty price tag! Oh well, it'll all work out!
On the home front, I made chicken and noodles for our neighbors for dinner tonight. They just had a baby two weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to fix dinner for them. Now, my mom taught me that when you make chicken and noodles, you add a couple of drops of yellow food coloring to it - it just makes it look more...chicken-y. Well, I go to add the food coloring this evening and the yellow lid had been put on the RED food coloring! So I had to take PINK chicken and noodles to them!! (Actually, it was more of a dusty rose....)

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Sherri said...

HAHAHAHA...that is so funny. Servers you right for trying to deceive them.
Just kidding...I will have to try that trick. You certainly cannot tell the colors of that stuff without the proper lids!! Hey, when you are dealing with a new baby you don't notice details anyway...haha.
I hope the sunflower seeds bloom. I don't think the mold will stop them...hopefully not.
I am trying to figure out our curriculum for next year too. It is just so much with all three of them. I do Science and Social Studies together, so that helps.
I feel like I should have already ordered stuff, but oh well, I will get it done.
Have a great day!