Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wednesday, the flaking day...

I think I kind of flaked off school yesterday. I don't know - can going to the Library for Storytime and getting some books and then coming home and watching a Sign Language video count as school? What if I add in "Playing Outside" as recess? We WERE going to go get new tires put on the car and I took some workbooks so that she could do something while we were waiting, but ended up deciding, after we had already left the house, to wait and talk the tire purchase over with Ched tonight. By that time it was already 10:00 (storytime is at 10:15) and we had lunch to eat, nap, gymnastics at 3:45 and church tonight....I'm feeling guilty, which is why I'm rambling. I guess that in the grand scheme of things, one day of complete "unschooling" isn't going to kill them. In fact, it is probably a good thing! Bear asked, "Mama, why didn't we do school today?" and I explained to her that the whole time we're awake, we can be learning SOMETHING. I pointed out that she was practicing self control while she sat and listened to the Librarian read, and that then she came home and learned sign language from the video. She seemed pretty intrugied with that whole concept, and I wasn't even stretching the truth! She was showing all of us at dinner what signs she had learned, and has in fact, continued to "practice" today!

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