Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another GREAT day!!!

Well, I've struggled a little bit lately with making school too...schooly for kindergarten. Too much "sit down and do a worksheet" type work and not enough "fun" things. Well, today we had a fantastic day in school! We did a math lesson and one of the sections was simple addition. The instructions were to count by coloring blocks on a line to match each number and then count them up, but I let her stack up Unifix cubes instead, and she really enjoyed it. No complaining!!! Then I got out a whole bunch of magnetic letters that I bought and we just made words on a cookie sheet. This was very interactive because she'd make a word and then I'd switch a letter or two out and she'd read the new word, etc. Last week I bought some Disney Time/Money flash cards at the dollar store, so we played with those a little bit and talked about telling time. Then she colored a shamrock picture.At one point she even said, "This is fun!" It was music to my ears!

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