Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wal Mart Schooling!

Well, today after Bible study, we did indeed go and get new tires for the car, which meant two hours spent at good 'ol Wally World. We ate lunch at McDonald's, always a big treat for The Kids, and then I got out Bear's Big K Phonics workbook and had her do two pages. One page was a "short a" words review and one page started exercises in "short e" words. I really like this book because the pages are colorful and fun, with lots of varied activities to teach the different sounds. Then, we went and looked at clothes and, of course, TOYS!! It's great, my kids are so used to NOT getting a toy when we go to the store, that they usually don't fuss when it's time to exit the toy department. We just go and browse and play and leave! Plus, if I do get a "Can I have a _____?" I just say, "Well, we'll out that on your birthday/Christmas list!"
They also watched the second half of the sign language video this morning, so I feel like we've had a full day of "school" without sitting down in the schoolroom! Yay!

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