Sunday, February 12, 2006

Vacation!! Yippee!

Ched was on vacation this past week and so we didn't do a lot of "official" school. The great thing is that I can count the trip to the animal sanctuary on the 4th as school, as well as our trip the we took to The City to see their zoo, which is INCREDIBLE! It simply blows our zoo away! The funny thing was that I thought that we could save some money by bringing sandwich stuff and making sandwiches before we went in so we wouldn't have to pay to eat there. So I packed up the meat and mayo and cheese and some chips....and forgot the bread! So we had to go to MickeyD's, which The Kids thought was GREAT, but which didn't save us any money at all! Oh well, live a little! Bear loved seeing the gorillas, which were pretty neat, and she loved the sea otters and the beaver.

The Kids loved all the brass statues that they could climb on, Deco got a little tired and tried to sleep in the wagon, and Ched posed for at least ONE pic by himself! Poor guy, he was actually pretty ill that day, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, but he was such a trooper!

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