Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
We had our first annual homeschooling Valentine's Day party today! This came about because I was passing all the little Valentine's day cards at Wal Mart and I thought "Awwww, that's one thing that I remember enjoying so much as a kid in school that my kiddos won't get to do!" But, then it occured to me that I know a whole slew of homeschooling families (OK, maybe not a SLEW, but I'm close to two homeschooling families and I know two other families with little kids....) so, I decided to invite them over for a party! I had white paper bags that all the kids decorated with crayons and heart stickers, which they all really enjoyed. I had made Valentine's cookies and punch, and I told the other moms (and the one Grandma!) to bring a snack for the group, if they wanted to, and lunch for their family. So we made the bags and then all the kids passed out their Valentine's, and then we ate LOTS of cookies and I read two Valentine's books while they ate. After they ate their party snacks, everyone went outside to play. It was a FUN party! I asked Deco, "What was your favorite part of the party?" and he responded, "Drinking my punch." which I thought was cute. Reilly gave the same answer when I asked her that question, but I think she said that because she heard me laugh when Deco said it.

In the first pic, Bear is showing me her bag; in the second, The Moms are stuffing the bags (all the kids did some stuffing but we finished it up for them); in the third picture, they're gathered around their snack!

It was a good day!

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