Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Animal Sanctuary - Feb. 4th

A week ago, Saturday, I was as sick as DOG and Ched, The Kids, and my mom went to an animal rescue sanctuary here in town. (Well, actually, it's on the outskirts of town, but who's keeping track anyway?) There were lions, regular tigers, a golden tabby tiger that used to be Mike Tysons, a bear, a cougar, deer, llamas, donkeys, birds, reptiles, wolves, assorted monkeys, and...a liger...yes, I said a liger - half lion, half tiger! Ched said it was over 1,000 pounds!! Most, if not all of these animals were rescued in one way or another, lots of times from people who are idiots

This is Ched and The Kids by the golden tabby tiger,
I believe.

and think that a tiger or a baboon would make a GREAT pet!! The awesome thing is that you can feed the animals! You pay $1 for a frozen chicken leg, stuck it into the end of a pvc pipe, and thread it through the fence - actually, there were two fences about 6 feet apart - and the lion or tiger or liger chomps it off of the end of the pipe. Ched and The Kids were dazzled! Nani (my mom) was a little freaked out, but she had fun all the same.

This is Nani helping Bear feed a lion.

And this is a
close-up of how it looks
to feed a lion!

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