Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One of THOSE days...Feb. 1, 2006

You know how there are some homeschooling days where everything falls into place? The birds sing, the sun shines, there's no whining or complaining, and lessons are done with no frustration?
This was NOT one of those days!!
Things got done, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses. I added some new sight families "-ought", "-ight", and "-ound" and I think it was just too hard for Bear. She kept getting frustrated and, when she gets frustrated, she tends to stop trying. (I guess that's typical for most people!) She was able to read a book called Fall Leaves with minimal help, and she did a page in her Big K Phonics book, but I finally called it quits after about an hour or so because it was getting too frustrating for both of us!
Oh well, better day tomorrow!

I've decided to have a Valentine's Day party!! I was walking past the Valentine's day aisle at Wal Mart and thought, "Awww, that's one of the things that my kids will miss by not being in public school! Class parties!" So I decided to invite two moms with HS'd kids and two other friends who have kids to have a party here! If everyone comes, there will be 12 kids! :o I think I'm going to have them decorate paper bags to collect their valentine's in and have some cookies and punch. I told the other moms that they could bring lunch for their kids and some type of snack for the group if they wanted to.As I type it, it all sounds very Martha Stewart-y, but it's going to probably be very loud and messy!! But fun!

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