Saturday, January 21, 2006

SafeSide SuperChick!

We got this FANTASTIC video called "The Safe Side! Don't Knows and Kinda Knows". It's produced by the woman who created the Baby Einstein stuff and by John Walsh, the host of "America's Most Wanted". The girl who hosts the video (the Safe Side Super Chick!) is so funny and The Kids really love it - in fact, they asked to watch it at least twice a day for the first four days we owned it! (Not that I let them watch it each time they asked!)
The video really covers a lot of information about how kids should respond to people that they don't know and to people that they only know a little, like their soccer coach or their friends parents. And it talks about it in a way that Bear really remembers and enjoys! I love it because it covers things that I might not have thought to emphasize. For example, Safe Side Super Chick talks about your "safe side super circle" which is basically your personal space, only a lot bigger, and how you should always be aware of who is in your circle, especially if they are a Don't Know.
It's a great video!

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