Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, my dear and wonderful hubby is on VACATION for the next TWO WEEKS!! Yippee!

I planned for us to be completely off for a week when I was making out our calendar for the school year, but then he had to take two weeks in a row - a first for him! - so I imagine we'll do some educational things while he's off. That way we won't be "short" on days this year...although, that's not really a huge concern of mine. The way I see it, homeschooling is like undiluted apple juice straight from the can - because of the one-on-one setting, the school that we do is more concentrated than what she would be getting in a public school setting.

Yesterday we went to the zoo for a good portion of the day - it was such a beautiful day!! I took about a bajillion pictures, but right now I'm feeling too lazy to go and get the camera and download the pictures to my laptop! Suffice to say, everyone looks completely, ecstatically happy in every picture, as thought they're having so much fun their eyes are about to pop from their heads. OK, well, except for one picture where Reilly had just fallen down on her knee when she was Heely-ing . She didn't look too happy in that picture!

Today, we went and got the display board for her science project because the science fair is next week, and we got some books on the senses from the library. We'll start getting everything put together for that over the next few days. I'm excited that Troy will be able to help with that! Oh, and we all went to the grocery store together...I'm sure that was educational in some way!

I think that we might go to a children's museum sometime, and we'd really like to go to visit Troy's grandmother while he's off, just for the day. Those things will probably happen next week, seeing as I work quite a bit this week.


Ched said...

I'm having a great vacation. I hope that I'm picking up enough of your work that your feeling rested also. I love you Babe. Ched

Mama Teaching 2 said...

2 weeks! Yay!