Thursday, November 08, 2007


...yes. Again.
And feeling completely inadequate for this job of homeschooling.


mel from freak parade said...

Me too. :( But you know what? You are not inadequate. You are perfectly capable. I'm praying you have a couple of really great days, where everything clicks (you know the ones?). You can do I need to listen to my own encouragement, because I'm totally right there with you lately.

Sherri said...

The fact that you are frustrated and even questioning your ability is proof that you are qualified. If you didn't care, whatever has happened wouldn't bother you. You are very invested in your children's education, so when something goes wrong, you take it upon yourself.
We all have bad days when we question ourselves and wonder if we are ruining our children. The thing is, even when mine were in school I had those days...more of them even.
I hope you are feeling better!!!
You are a great teacher and an even greater mom!

Mama Teaching 2 said... happens...but I KNOW your terrific! :) Hugs.