Saturday, November 03, 2007

Aaahhh, How They Grow!!

I didn't realize that turtles grew so fast! And to think, we've only had Skipperdee for a week and a half!
I mean, look at him! He's as big as my hand now! At this rate, he's going to outgrow the tank in a month!

OK, not really. The Original Skipperdee actually died the day before yesterday. (Only, we didn't realize that he had died until yesterday. Ew.) I think that he pretty much starved to death because we hadn't seen him eat since we got him. It's probably safe to say that being sent through the mail probably didn't do him much good.
The funny thing is that Reilly wasn't really sad that he died. We had warned her that it might happen because we've known that he wasn't eating, so I think that that prepared her somewhat. Add that to the fact that all he did was lay around on the rock in the water, showing about as much personality as...well...a turtle that's not eating, and I don't think she really got too attached to him.
So, this is a new turtle that is actually going by several names now. Skipperdee Two, Dozer, The Deez - Reilly says she's going to change its name every day! She (the turtle) is much bigger, much more active, has already shown that she can eat like a horse, and, thankfully, was purchased here in town so there's more ready access to knowledgeable people...and to an actual store where she can be returned if she begins to go downhill!


Natalie C. said...

Seriously, how big is that turtle going to get??? WOW! Also, you must have at least 3.5 readers, because I read your blog all the time. :)

Lisa said...

I think that red eared sliders get to about 8 inches or so, maybe a little bigger. So The New Turtle is just about full grown.

Sherri said...

Wow, I can't believe it died so fast. I'm glad you found another one!!!