Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reason #951

People often ask "Why do you homeschool? What lead you to that decision?" and I've got lots of answers. These range anywhere from the safety of my kids (they're decidedly less likely to get shot in my house) to the quality of their education (you can't beat one on one tutoring!) to the simple fact that I just love being around them and love being the one to flip those switches that make the lights come on in their brains. It's fantastic!
Then people pull out their big trump card. The SOCIALIZATION card!
"But what about socialization? Aren't you worried about that?"
I read an article today that my friend Sherri posted at JM and it happened quite close to where she lives. It made my jaw drop and made me stop and literally say a prayer of thanks to my precious heavenly Father who has blessed me so much that I am able to stay at home and do what I do.
Go on and read it for yourself. And then try to tell me that my kids are better off at public school.
'Cause, really, I think my kids could do without that kind of socialization. Thanks.

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Sherri said...

Yep, that's the one that I was talking about in the forum! Way too close to home for me. And to think...they were already having an assembly to discuss a stabbing! Yeah...and people want to worry about socialization. Well, if that's the kind of socialization they are going to get, my kids are better off without it for sure. It isn't a one time occurrance for those who will say it is. I remember a few years ago here that the same thing happened, only it happened out on the playground...sex acts in front of others.