Monday, March 05, 2007

Unclean Unclean

I feel like we need to put up a sign in the yard that says "Keep Away!" because The Plague has entered our home! Or maybe I should just have Troy pace up and down on the front walk, ringing a bell and shouting "Unclean, unclean!" because we've all got a horrible cold. I got sick last Wednesday, Reilly got sick on Friday night and ran a fever pretty much straight through until this morning. She was at 99.6 this morning, so she's mending. Declan ran a fever for a little while yesterday (poor guy, and on his birthday, too!), and has a cough and runny nose, but his fever came down fast and hasn't gone back up. So we're all definitely getting better, but it's certainly not fun having us all sick at the same time! Poor Reilly had to miss Declan's birthday party on Sunday, but she was actually so sick that it didn't bother her too much. And I hated it that I wasn't feeling 100%, although Declan had a great time, so I guess that's what matters, right?
So yesterday was Movie Day at our house - we literally watched movies all day long! - and we all took a very long nap in the afternoon. Today we're still going to take it pretty easy, although I may try to do some math and reading later on this afternoon. I'm honestly looking forward to us all being back to normal!

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Sherri said...

I remember at Christmas when everyone here, except me, was getting Strep throat and everything else along with it. I felt like our home was eaten up in germs. I thought we would never get better if we didn't get our of here. As soon as everyone was fever free, we went to my sister's..all came back well. Haha...might have made them all sick but we came back well. No...they were fine!!!!!
GET WELL!!!!!!!!