Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gosh, It's Been Too Long!

And I don't know WHAT'S happened to me, but I've not been on here, blogging like I should, keeping everyone up to date on all our homeschooling adventures!! And I'm sure that you've all just been on the edge of your seats, hitting the refresh button on your computer, longing for my next entry, right? Right? Hello? *sound of crickets chirping*
Well, this week hasn't been too spectacular, actually, in terms of doing fantastic fun things. We finished up our lesson on clouds by taking the book that we're using and going outside to identify the clouds that we could see in the sky. Reilly thought this whole unit was great fun and often looks up now and says, "Mom, look! There's a cumulus cloud!"
I've kind of abandoned the Scholastic "reading packets" that I was doing mainly because it's as though some sort of light bulb has been switched on in Reilly as far as her reading is going. She is so amazing! The other night at bedtime I was done reading, but she wanted to continue, so I let her...and she proceeded to read a page and a half of the story that we were reading out of Molly's Story Collection. She needed a little bit of help with some words like "rhumba", but that was IT! The rest of it she read smoothly, easily, and with expression. It really got me to thinking of how far she's come since the beginning of the year when she was still sounding out three letter words. Wow.
Well, I've started a sneezing fit, so I'm going to sign off before I blow the computer away!

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mamaduk said...

I have been wondering when you were going to post actually...

That's so great that she's getting the reading thing! Awesome!