Friday, March 30, 2007

Social Studies and Home Ec

Well, today was unschooling at its best. I know, I know, you're all saying to yourselves, "Ummm, Lisa? You keep having days like that. What's up with you? Are your kids actually learning anything? Do I need to call the truant officer?"

My kids are learning that if Mommy is surrounded by filth day after day, she gets cranky and crabby and when Mommy is cranky and crabby, she gets snappish, which makes everyone else cranky and crabby and thus starts the vicious cycle that can lead to Mommy losing her mind and ending up in the corner, moaning and rocking and sucking her thumb.

No, just kidding.
What really happened was that this morning I woke up and realized that it had been an eternity since my house had been really cleaned with a majority of the rooms looking good all at one time. So I told The Kids that we were going to work as a team (school lesson: social studies and teamwork) and help each other as we cleaned the house (school lesson: home ec.). Declan and I helped Reilly pick up and dust her room, then Reilly and I helped Declan do the same in his room. Both of The Kids helped me dust in the livingroom and wash windows in the livingroom and their bedrooms. Then they watched "educational t.v." (read: "LeapFrog Letter Factory" again, "Reading Rainbow", and "Between the Lions") while I finished up vacumming and doing the kitchen, and our bedroom. I gotta tell you, we may not have done much reading, but my sense of relief at having a clean house is worth it.

Note for the truant officer: We did math fact review on the way to the tag office. So there!

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