Monday, January 01, 2007


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How's everyone doing this fine, first day of 2007? Me, I'm doing great! I spent the morning taking down all our Christmas decorations and while the house doesn't feel as festive as it did a few hours ago, I'm relieved to be back in the routine. I absolutely love Christmas and everything about it...I think I may have mentioned that about a bajillion times in previous posts...but there is something comforting about returning to normal. I think we're going to go back to school on Wednesday, using tomorrow to just relax and enjoy our last day of holiday. I still need to get the kids "handprints" embroidered on our tree skirt, so that's the one last thing that is left out as far as Christmas decorations go. Unfortunately, last year I forgot to trace their hands onto the skirt, so 2005 will be skipped which makes me a little sad. I know that Bear's hands probably haven't changed in size much in the last year, but I bet Deco's have.
We had a really fun New Year's Eve, even though we didn't actually stay up until midnight. Our friends who live across the street invited us and another family we're all friends with over to eat and play games. We played Battle of the Sexes which was a lot of fun, and the guys won. We all got a kick out of that because the fact that they won means that they know a lot more about "girly things" like "What wrinkles less, silk or linen?" than we knew about "guy things" like "Where was the latest Steven Segal movie set?" One wonders if they should be proud or scared that they won!
So, now it's time to make the resolutions for 2007. I'm not going to share them because I don't want to be held accountable if I break them, but suffice to say that I just want to be "better" this year - a better Wife, a better Mom, a better witness for Christ.
Cheers to you all and Happy New Year!

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Sherri said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!
We ended up coming to my sister's on New Year's Eve...we are still here :). We had a great time popping fireworks at midnight. We are probably going home tomorrow....that is the plan. We have been known to stay 4 nights before, though!