Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's STILL not over!!

Bear and Deco both agree that they got EVERYTHING that they could have possibly wanted!
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas, but it's still not over yet! My brother is still in town, so it's good to get to spend some more time with him. Plus, this Saturday, Ched's dad and step-mom and one of his sisters and her family are coming over and we'll celebrate with them. THEN Christmas will officially be over!

And I've got to say that I'm already fighting the Blues! I love Christmas SO much that every year, when it's over, I feel really down and want to rewind time and do it over again. Of course, I said to Ched that all I have to do is remember how many times in November I said "Wow, I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner!" and realize that I'll be saying that phrase again before I know it. He had some good suggestions for combatting the blues: organize all the pictures, journal about the holiday, and take some time out and just play with The Kids and their new toys. I've also been singing a lot of praise songs which always lightens my mood. I'll get over it quick enough, but I really wish that I didn't have to go through it at all.

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Sherri said...

It hit me today when Jeff drove off to go see some home health patients. I just felt panic that he was felt so final. I just kept replaying the last few days in my mind. Finally, I just got dressed and went outside with Madison and Carter...she finally got to take her electric scooter out after being sick all Christmas. I also called the cousins over to help ease back into real life. I feel a lot better now. I'm hoping I don't go through it again when Jeff leaves in the morning.
Thinking of looks like your Christmas has been GREAT!